Logistics Vision Suite was born in 1996 in the demanding market of Logistics Service Providers (LSP). It has been designed for medium and large enterprises with complex logistics needs. Its great success allowed Mantis to gradually incorporate best practices from top multinational corporations from the whole market spectrum including:

  • Retail (Super markets, hyper markets, clothing, sportswear, electrical & electronic appliances, dishware and other household goods, etc.)
  • Distribution & wholesales
  • Manufacturing

Mantis´ proposition to any modern corporation is to gradually transform its logistics department(s) to profit center(s) according to the standards of the specialized Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). Such transformation can take the form either of an independent Business Unit(s) or a separate LSP company that is usually a daughter company of the group servicing the members of the group as well as other companies outside the group.

That way, corporations can increase the productivity and efficiency of the existing logistics infrastructure such as people, warehouse / racking space, forklifts, vehicles / routes, etc. Mantis´ Logistics Vision and its experience from similar projects and the LSP market in general, is the perfect recipe to warrantee the success of such a strategy.

LVS being one of the most adaptable platforms worldwide can be customized to cover almost every logistics need of a modern enterprise. Furthermore, Mantis and its partners are offering integrated logistics solutions (i.e. pre – configured LVS) for many vertical industries such as:

  • Food & beverages
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics
  • Electrical & electronic household appliances
  • Dishware & other household goods
  • Furniture
  • Chemicals & construction materials
  • Clothing, shoes & sportswear
  • Textile
  • Child games
  • Spare parts & accessories
  • Car depots & PDI
  • Office supplies
  • Books

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