process-re-engineering section

Warehousing process re-engineering

The continuously increasing competition, drives companies in taking serious action, now more than ever, in optimizing their processes for warehouse and distribution.

We can assist in optimizing those processes that in turn will result into more efficient operations, increased customer service levels and reduced costs.

Our methodology is to understand the current process in the organization, as well as the future plans for business growth and apply the changes the business needs to transition through the following steps:


  • Data collection to assess  operations workflow.
  • Discuss with process owners to understand the current situation
  • Process re-engineering design
  • Topology restructure if required
  • IT systems adaptation

Post Implementation

  • Optimized warehouse storage capacity
  • Improved processes for inbound logistics,receiving, put away, replenishment, inventory control, slotting, picking,and returns processing.
  • Reduced number of times Machinery is used,in turn reduces operating costs
  • Reduced number of times a product is touched and moved, in turn reduces cost of processing


Whether it is a new facility or your existing warehouse we can take the lead, by
offering on going consulting services for Project Management for any Warehouse related projects.

Project Management

  • Realizing the project as the responsible general contractor.
  • Proactive assistance, monitoring, and coordination of all phases.
  • Preemptive Support on selecting the appropriate type of storage systems , that best fits your operational needs.
  • Details on Material Handling Equipment required for the Operation
  • Selection of Warehouse location and specifics